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MAY 2017

MAY 2017

Why are some people more gullible than others

Being too trusting may cause one to appear gullible, but being overly skeptical could also make one seem paranoid. While the baseline for most individuals is to trust at first instance, exercising a healthy sense of skepticism could make us more critical and less susceptible to biases.

Can Reflection Improve Performance?

Feedback is vital to improving performance, but what kind of feedback works best? It is found that individuals are more likely to gain buy-in and commit to change if they feel ownership of their own development. Self-reflection is one of the methods to achieve a sense of ownership and self-efficacy. 

Raising a generation to be safe and kind online

Psychologists found that children who cyberbully typically have trouble with emotional regulation. They struggle to cope with anger and tend to perceive more hostility. Subsequently, social-emotional learning could potentially reduce bullying by helping aggressors cope with negative emotions.

The Rise of AI Makes Emotional Intelligence More Important

With AI undergoing rapid improvements, automation/robotics have displaced some jobs and will continue to bring disruption to the workforce. But can AI ever replace human capabilities? Are computers capable of motivating and empathizing – traits that are deemed important for leadership?

“Above All, Acknowledge the Pain”

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, shares her emotional struggles after going through loss of a loved one. Together with Adam Grant, a psychologist and researcher, they explore resilience and how to cope with hardships at work and in personal lives. Most of all, people don’t have to experience significantly bad events to cultivate resilience & adaptability.

Why You Need to Hire Candidates with These Three “Weaknesses”

When hiring, companies often look for strengths and experiences, but candidates invariably come with certain flaws. Some personality traits are more detrimental than others and it is important hiring managers do not downplay candidate weaknesses. Instead, they should intentionally look for the following “least problematic” flaws…

The Best Companies Don’t Have More Stars — They Cluster Them Together

What separates the best companies from average ones are not the number of high-performing employees, but how they optimize their star talents. They do so by deploying star talents to critical business roles – an example of utilizing the Pareto effect by focusing on the 20% that matters the most to yield 80% of the results.

How to Manage a Narcissist

Narcissists are difficult to deal with and may even affect team morale, but they get ahead in organisations for they are often driven, charming and manipulative. Here are some ways to manage an individual who is Bold and overconfident.

Personality may change when you drink, but less than you think

The idea that people transform into a different person after consuming alcohol is a popular one. To test this assumption, a lab study found that people do change under influence, but the differences only applied to one personality factor – Extraversion. There were no significant changes to other factors such as Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness and Openness.

Why bad moods are good for you—the surprising benefits of sadness

Positive emotions are often extolled for its virtues while negative emotions are frowned upon. However, bad moods such as sadness serves adaptive functions too - like signaling for suppport and providing protective cover from harmful situations. So the next time we are caught in a mild bad mood, it is good to be aware how negative emotions could help us too.

Are people who think they can multitask deluding themselves?

Divided attention often leads to poorer performance, but can multitaskers perform better? Turns out, the answer is no. Multitaskers are no better at switching between tasks, remembering what they have seen, and filtering irrelevant information. Hence, research suggests that most of us should stick to one thing at a time…

5 Anger Management Tricks That Make You Peaceful Again

Feeling angry is normal and sometimes, inevitable. What’s more important is how we manage this emotion, deal with it effectively, and express anger appropriately. Here are several ways to do so…