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Goldman to use ‘personality test’ for hiring decisions

More companies are moving beyond the traditional way of hiring – other than GPA and resumes, personality is increasingly being recognized as one of the factors to identify potential talent.


I Lost My Job to A Robot

To thrive in an age when AI threatens to be widespread, the best response is to integrate with smart machines and leverage on these intelligent tools to our benefit.


Good Leaders Are Good Learners

Leaders who are always in "learning mode", not afraid of experimenting new things, and constantly reflecting on past performances make better progress in developing their skill sets.

Men and Women: No Big Difference

Any personality, cognitive and leadership differences that emerge between men and women are largely a reflection of stereotyped thinking and society's expectations of gender roles. It has little to do with innate differences.

Leadership takes self-control. Here's what we know about it

Maintaining self-control is important among employees if organizations want to be more effective and ethical. Like physical strength, self-control is a finite source and has to be replenished.

Have smartphones destroyed a generation?

Post-millennials are a generation shaped by the smartphone and the concomitant rise of social media. They are less rebellious, less happy, and less prepared for adulthood. What are some of the measures parents and society can take?

Burnout at work isn't just about exhaustion, it's also about loneliness

Having an inclusive organisational culture and strong network of support at work can foster greater psychological well-being among employees, especially when workplace burnout is on the rise.

How to manage a team of all stars

Organisations that deploy and assemble their best talent to deal with mission critical initiatives are able to multiply their productivity significantly. This starts with identifying and tracking high potential talents.

Don't let shame become a self-destructive spiral

Keeping feelings of shame in perspective and having self-compassion can help relieve the harmful tendency to self-blame. In the long run, this cultivates resilience to deal with negative emotions.

What to do when your heart isn't in your work anymore

Priorities, growth and personal development can cause some to feel disengaged from their current jobs, but that doesn't mean they have to grin and bear with it. Just tweaking certain aspects of their jobs can help create a greater sense of meaning and satisfaction.

The 5 Basic Personality Traits

Personality is varied and complex, but most of us tend to display behaviors consistent with our natural tendencies. The Big Five identifies five distinct factors that are central to personality.

What you need to know about intellectual bullies

Like physical bullying, intellectual intimidation typically arises due to feelings of entitlement and insecurities. One may have found it adaptive to put others down to compensate for any felt inadequacies, but when overused, this behavior can become acutely maladaptive.