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January 2017

Why men find switching tasks more difficult

It is known that women are generally better at switching between tasks compared to men, but what exactly goes on in our brains? Are there gender differences in how our brains are activated when we shift attention from one task to another?


What your mindless daily habits reveal about you, according to science

From the way we walk, to the way we write… what can our daily habits tell us about our personality? If you frequently make duck faces in selfies, what does this habit reveal about you? Read on to find out…


Confident or Cocky?

Is arrogance confidence taken to the extreme? Or is it a separate concept altogether, considering that confident people may not be arrogant, and arrogant people may not be confident (think of bullies)? In fact, the opposite of arrogance may be deference. Hence, a person who is confident but lacks deference will appear arrogant and overconfident.


“Generous” boss rewards staff with Apple 7

Read on to find out more.


7 Ways to Deal With a Grudge Holder

How can we deal with people who hold grudges against us? Grudge holders often feel a sense of victimisation and accompanying anger that is disproportionate to the ‘wrong’ that they experience. However, if we really did something wrong, how should we approach the grudge holder to address the ‘wrong’?


Why Some People Get Burned Out and Others Don’t

While stress is linked to burnout, it does not always lead to burnout. Why? The key may lie in the individual’s emotional intelligence (EI), which supports superior coping abilities that help him/her manage chronic stress and prevent burnout. What are some EI strategies we can adopt to help us address stress and burnout?