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At Optimal Academy, our learning solutions are developed from well-researched concepts validated against data analytics of global assessment publishers and supported by Optimal’s wealth of experience in leadership assessments and development.


Equip your organisation with the skills to administer and interpret profiling tools, deepen insights into psychometrics and organisation development best practices as well as enhance self-awareness, work effectiveness and leadership success through Optimal Academy offerings.

Build Expertise

Become qualified to administer the assessment tools offered by Optimal and interpret profiling outcomes.

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Enhance Leadership

Build leadership effectiveness with Optimal’s series of workshops focused on transforming leaders.

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Augment Skills and Knowledge

Be equipped with technical knowledge, information on best practices as well as practical tips in the areas of talent management and organisational development.

Equip with Enablers

Achieve your organisational development objectives with solutions from Optimal.

Empower your talents to
exceed their potential.

Translate strategy into success with our business solutions


Explore world-class psychometric assessment tools to gain insights into your current and to-be talents.

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Entrust the prediction of leadership potential and succession readiness for your organisation to our trained and experienced consultants.

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Learn how you can bolster your talent development efforts with Optimal.