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Who we are determines how we lead. Personality defines leadership style and impacts organisation performance.

With the Optimal 4Cs Model (Prediction of Potential) and the Optimal 2Cs Model (Prediction of Succession Readiness), you will easily identify your High Potential Successors. And let the Optimal 3Ps Model help you create your all-star High-Performing Team.

The Potential Rating based on the Optimal 4Cs Model encompasses the evaluation of an individual’s Capabilities, Competencies, Commitment and Coachability. This multi-dimensional assessment approach maximises our capability to predict individual potential and performance, hence guiding effective selection/development decisions.

The Succession Readiness Rating is derived by evaluating the candidate on functional skills and competencies. Competencies, which are scientifically validated, will be selected according to the targeted job role.

All our models have proven to be high in validity.

Prediction of
Leadership Potential

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Prediction of
Succession Readiness

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The Fruitful Team

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Prediction of Leadership Potential using the Optimal 4Cs Model

At Optimal, we assess and predict leadership potential using psychometric assessments and one interactive feedback assessment session with a consultant.

Every candidate will be evaluated on four domains – Capabilities, Competencies, Coachability and Commitment.

2Cs Model

Prediction of Succession Readiness using the Optimal 2Cs Model

Assessing leadership potential is a pre-requisite for assessing succession readiness. Also, assessment and prediction of succession readiness is against a targeted job role.

At Optimal, we assess and predict succession readiness on two domains – Capabilities and Competencies. This is achieved by using additional psychometric assessments and evaluating the candidate on functional skills. In addition, the candidate will be rated on a set of competencies, which are selected in consultation with you.

3Ps Model

The Fruitful Team

We can help you maximise organisational success by aligning Purpose, Process and People within teams. With a focus on these three characteristics that are commonly present in high-performing teams, teams are guided to consider: “Where do we want to go?” and “How do we want to get there?”.

At Optimal, our assessments-driven and scientifically-validated approach allows each team member to enhance effectiveness and unleash potential as individuals and within teams. This is achieved using a combination of one-on-one feedback sessions and a team workshop.

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