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Mosaic Personality Tasks is an alternative to personality questionnaires, directly measuring a mosaic of individual behaviours in order to assess the full picture of personality. Born after more than four years of research and development, Mosaic Personality Tasks is based on decades of published peer-reviewed academic research.

Winner of the Psychometrics Forum’s

Excellence in Psychometrics Award 2021

7 Objective Behavioural Tasks + 1 Self-Report Questionnaire
= An Accurate way of understanding Personality by addressing issues of
Faking and Blind Spots

7 Objective Behavioural Tasks

Quality Inspector

The task is to spot defects.


The task is to calculate the
correct orders.


The task is to answer questions
relating to a story.


The task is to answer questions relating to events.


The task is to find your way through the mazes.


The task is to mine for a valuable mineral.

Coloured Shapes

The task is to get the right combination of shapes.

Features of Mosaic Personality Tasks


Measures the BIG 5 personality traits and 20 individual sub-facets, and comprehensively validated against the widely respected NEO Personality question (IPIP version).


Takes a direct measure of personality based on the objective behavioural tasks, yielding over 70 individually reliable task behaviours and eliminating possibilities of faking.


The assessment takes about an hour to complete and can be done on any device, in multiple visits.


Compares a self-report score against the objective behavioural tasks score to identify when there is a general over-estimation or under-estimation of personality: a ‘self-perception’ scale.


Creates confidence about the accuracy of the assessment information as two sources (objective behavioural tasks and self-report) of information are used.


Highlights ‘blind spots’ for discussion where the objective behavioural task score indicates a difference from the self-report score on a particular personality trait.

Unique Report Features

These features appear on all reports. They are unique to Mosaic Personality Tasks as it is the only personality assessment that compares self-report data against objective task data using the same assessment.

The self perception scale gives a clear indication where there has been a general over-estimation or under-estimation of personality.

All the personality and competency scales highlight when the task score and self-report score are different.

Carefully prepared competencies that take into account that ‘10’ is not always the best score and may create issues.

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