Enhance Leadership


This series of workshops is designed to enhance an individual’s effectiveness in leading self, leading others and leading performance.

What differentiates Optimal Academy’s Enhance Leadership Series?

We help participants be more aware of their respective personality traits and manage their natural tendencies for more sustainable development. To do this, we take a personalised approach in our training as follows:

  • Participants gain self-awareness about their own strengths and challenges from a pre-workshop assessment.
  • Participants acquire knowledge of how under-utilisation or over-compensation of their respective personality traits and natural tendencies in different contexts may lead to challenges / gaps.
  • Participants learn about actionable tips that can help them to manage their respective personality traits and natural tendencies.
  • We encourage reflection and introspection by facilitating the internalising of information and emphasising real-world application.
  • We adopt a ‘pro-social’ approach to self-awareness – it’s not just about me as an individual but me, in relation to others, and the most effective ways to work with others.
  • We emphasise a forward-looking approach in applying knowledge gained – it is not just about who I am, but it is meant to guide my decisions about my next move and my plans for the future.

Enhance Leadership Series

Strategic Self-Awareness

This workshop leverages scientifically validated assessments to help participants understand their strengths and challenges and how to adapt their behaviours to increase effectiveness.

The workshop is designed based on the assessments and reports selected. It is fully customisable with the key outcome being a 3-step self-discovery process for participants – Awareness, Acknowledgement and Action.

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Emerging Talents Programme

This series aims to equip Emerging Talents with knowledge on how to holistically manage their psychological and sociological well-being in consideration of their different personality traits, subconscious biases and motivations.

The workshops are modularised and can be customised to address areas such as self-awareness, resilience, influence, mental and emotional well-being, leadership and more.

The Resilient Leader

Leadership is the single most important factor in determining success in business. And resilient leadership is essential for an organisation to soar above crisis and ensure sustainable organisational performance.

In this workshop, participants are guided on how to become individually resilient before they can begin to develop the competencies that resilient leadership demands.

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Coaching The Uncoachable

The objective of this workshop is to help managers and leaders in coaching and guiding team members or direct reports who are not receptive to feedback or change resistant.

Apart from being educated on behavioural insights that can help employees understand their personalities better, participants will explore ways to help their team members or direct reports understand the impact of their current behaviours on those around them, both now and in the future. Participants will also learn about motivating mindset changes by understanding individual drivers and motivators.

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