Mosaic Personality Tasks

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Personality tests that assess the full picture of personality

Mosaic Personality Tasks is an award-winning personality assessment tool developed by a group of experienced registered occupational psychologists and associate fellows of the British Psychological Society.

The tasks directly measure a mosaic of individual behaviours in order to assess the full picture of personality. They identify the potential blind spots of personality using a combination of seven objective behavioural tasks and a self-report questionnaire. This direct measurement of personality offers a fake-resistant assessment.

Mosaic Personality Tasks was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Psychometrics 2021 award from The Psychometrics Forum.

Mosaic’s scientific findings have been presented to hundreds of psychologists and assessment experts around the world, including:

    • The British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology
    • The Association of Business Psychologists, UK
    • The Psychometrics Forum, London
    • The International Assessment & Development Centre Conference, twice (China and UK)
    • Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology Hong Kong
    • Singapore Psychological Society
    • AMCHAM Conference, Trinidad & Tobago
    • Step Change in Safety (Aberdeen Scotland) and AOSH (Bristol, England)
    • The International Test Commission, University of Luxembourg

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