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Self Management Group (SMG) is the largest sales profiling company in the world, operating in over 40 countries with millions of people profiled.

Based on over 40 years of research, SMG offers unique assessment tools to help organisations select sales potentials and maximise performance by identifying sales talents and placing them in the right sales roles.

Sales Potential Identification™ (SPI) has been used for profiling and tracking the career pathways of over 80,000 sales professionals across different industries in Asia.

SPI evaluates an individual’s potential across seven different sales roles and maximises performance by placing sales professionals in the right positions.

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POP™ 7.0 is the most validated sales selection tool, having a database of millions of successful sales hires in different industries. It is used by organisations worldwide to select, develop and retain top sales performers.

The POP measures personality traits, communication styles and attitudes of an individual. This model forms the basis of all assessments from SMG.

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Retail Sales Potential Identification™ (RSPI) is a competency-based assessment tool that is specifically developed for use in the retail industry.

RSPI measures 10 traits that are essential for retail sales professionals. The result helps retail sales managers to select and develop individuals for retail sales positions and can be consolidated for team-level analysis.

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LeaderPOP™ is a validated psychometric assessment tool that can aid in the selection and development of leaders across a variety of industries.

By measuring an individual on a set of six leadership competencies, as well as other dimensions associated with high potential leaders, LeaderPOP™ aims to provide valuable insight that can help organisations improve retention, growth, performance and results.

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