Corporate Social Responsibility – Optimal x Impart

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Corporate Social Responsibility – Optimal x Impart

To mark Optimal’s 20th anniversary milestone, we embarked on starting a CSR programme where we could leverage our expertise in identifying and developing talents to impact the community. We identified local charity Impart who seeks to match youths facing adversity with volunteers who help them thrive through education. For these volunteers, Optimal sponsored personality assessments and facilitated a self-awareness workshop.

The objective of the workshop was to help participants understand themselves, their personalities, and how their natural tendancies can impact their emotions, interpersonal relationships, problem-solving styles and more. It was also an opportunity for self-reflection, conversations with other volunteers and understanding how one can adapt their behaviours to increase effectiveness in their volunteering journey.

Here’s what Joshua Tay, Deputy Executive Director of Impart had to share about the collaboration with Optimal:

Impart has always believed that care received becomes care to give. And much of caring for self starts from the foundational understanding of who you are and how you respond in times of triumph, in adverse circumstances and in all of life. Having this framework that Optimal has so generously helped to facilitate enables our volunteers to be ready to care for themselves well so that they can be good caregivers in return.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle.

A meaningful way for volunteers to spend a Saturday morning learning about their strengths and opportunities for change and growth.

Optimal facilitated a Self-Awareness Workshop to help volunteers better understand themselves in order to be more effective as they embark on their volunteering journey.

Volunteers in breakout groups engaging with other volunteers during the workshop.