The New Normal Leader

What does a new normal leader look like?

As the saying goes, leadership is most tested in a crisis. For most leaders, the COVID-19 pandemic is a trial by fire, stretching them to their limits. Unprecedented times call for an unprecedented approach to leadership.

How can leaders bounce back from ravages of the pandemic and move forward in a crisis that currently has no end in sight, while ensuring that people whom they lead remain equally resilient?

We think that leaders have to approach their situations with a radically different mindset, one that involves thinking in terms of a new normal and embracing it. Leading in the new normal will thus require setting new norms, which calls for quite a different set of leadership competencies.

We believe that the hallmark of a New Normal Leader is resilient leadership, which has to be present on all fronts and at every step of the leader’s journey.

Published June 2020

Contributed by:
Zhen Yi LEE, Managing Consultant, Asia (
Wan Leng HO, CEO, Asia (