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Measure Reputation, Measure Success

The Hogan 360° is a confidential and easy-to-administer questionnaire that compares a manager’s self evaluation on effectiveness, attitude and behaviour with their employees’ honest reviews.

Developed for managers who want to assess their achievement focus, strategy, emotional intelligence and influence, this report compares to nearly 18,000 managerial scores in Hogan’s global database. These scores can be further benchmarked against top quartile results in any industry or sector at any job level. With both soft and hard skills thoroughly evaluated, managers will gain deeper insight into their staffs’ leadership expectations and will be able to prioritise specific areas for self-improvement.

Enable leaders to prioritise developmental opportunities based on their individual needs.

Make development decisions using a visual representation of the participant’s competency scores and subthemes.

Offer leaders a detailed analysis of their performance with personalised rater comments.

Top Feedback Produces Top Performance

When it comes to delivering results efficiently, a manager’s ability to regulate their own behaviour and maintain relationships is as important as fostering innovation and committing to a smart strategy. Constructive, 360-degree feedback from direct reports, peers and higher-ups can work wonders in helping managers strengthen these leadership competencies.

What does the Hogan 360° look for?

Self Management

Does the participant exhibit personal awareness, stress management, resilience, transparency and authenticity?

Relationship Management

Does the participant achieve better results through improved relationships?

Working in the Business

Does the participant have the experience, capability and efficiency to consistently deliver great results?

Working on the Business

Does the participant add value through innovation, strategic planning, and building high-performing teams?

Assessments Tools

Completion Time

Certification/ User Training Required

Hogan 360

20-30 minutes

Required: Hogan 360 Certification Web Course (complimentary)
Recommended: Hogan High Potential 360 Web Course (complimentary)

Best Use

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