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Hogan General Employability Report

When successful businesses hire, they focus on one question: will this candidate contribute positively to our organisation? Assessing employability or one’s ability to find and retain a job, is the best way to answer this question.

Driven by the Hogan Personality Inventory, General Employability offers a ready-to-go screening solution that allows companies to determine the suitability of candidates for entry-level roles quickly and easily. To streamline the screening process, General Employability synthesises the science of personality into a short and intuitive test for candidates and a single-page report for employers.

Report Highlights

  • Make selection decisions using a visual representation of a candidate’s people skills, learning skills, work ethic and overall score.
  • Find out at a glance if a candidate is suitable for your vacant role to quickly and easily sort large applicant pools.
  • Conduct structured interviews with recommended behavioural questions.


Completion Time

10-15 minutes

Recommended For

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