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Hogan High Potential Talent Report

The competition for talent is fierce, and the future of many organisations depends on finding and developing leaders for key roles. The highest-performing organisations make it a top priority to prepare talented people for advancement. However, most organisations struggle to find accurate and useful ways to develop people with the most potential for success as leaders.

Often, people who appear to have leadership potential are not effective leaders; conversely, many effective employees are overlooked for promotion because they do not self-promote enough to get noticed. The Hogan High Potential (HiPo) model simplifies the process of finding talented people who can be developed and go on to achieve positive business outcomes.

Grounded in decades of global research on leader performance, the Hogan High Potential Talent Report is designed to help talented people prepare for leadership roles by developing three essential components of top organisational leadership. This solution also helps incumbent leaders quickly and easily prioritise areas of development to maximise leadership potential.

Report Highlights

  • Offer high potentials a visual overview of their leadership competencies and potential for success.
  • Help emerging leaders understand their natural leadership styles with ranked competency scores and recommended areas of focus.
  • Empower high potentials to cultivate strategic self-awareness to manage their reputations effectively and maximise leadership potential.

It all begins with the Hogan High Potential Model:

Leadership Foundations

The degree to which people are able to manage their careers, are rewarding to deal with and are good organisational citizens.

Leadership Emergence

The degree to which people stand out from their peers, build strategic business relationships, exert influence and are viewed as leaders.

Leadership Effectiveness

The degree to which people are able to build and maintain high-performing teams and drive those teams toward organisational success.


Completion Time

30-45 minutes

Recommended For

Find out how you can optimise your organisation’s leader-talent potentials.