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Hogan Leader Focus Report

Leadership is complex and multi-dimensional; it can’t be defined by a title or having direct reports. Helping clarify what comprises leadership, Leader Focus provides insight into the six dimensions that influence leadership style and effectiveness. These dimensions affect what leaders will focus on, how they define success, what behaviours will be rewarded and punished on their teams, and how they will manage their careers, relationships, and behaviour.

Driven by the Hogan Personality Inventory and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory, Leader Focus empowers leaders with self-insight into their own reputations and leadership brands, so they can plan their careers and lead teams more effectively.

Report Highlights

  • Help leaders become aware of their influence and learn how to manage their strengths, weaknesses, as well as unconscious motivations and biases.
  • Give leaders a snapshot of how others are likely to see their day-to-day behaviours and overall performance.
  • Make development decisions using a visual representation of leadership style.
Based on a global sample of approximately 14,000 leaders, Leader Focus Report outlines personal development considerations, career recommendations and unconscious biases. Only 30% of professionals possess the competencies to become people managers. But that’s OK — career advancement doesn’t always mean people leadership. Organisations require a wide array of leadership styles to maintain competitive edge and keep moving forward.


Completion Time

20 – 30 minutes

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