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Hogan Safety Report

Advances in equipment and procedures have improved worker safety, but traditional safety training programmes continue to neglect human error as the overwhelming cause of workplace accidents.

The Hogan Safety Report uses personality assessment to detect and alleviate the risks that may lead to unsafe behaviours and on-the-job accidents. The Safety Report identifies safety-minded candidates, focuses and improves training and identifies safety-related gaps in your organisational culture.

Hogan has studied unsafe work behaviour since the 1970s and has identified six distinct themes underlying unsafe work behaviour. Based on this research, the Safety Report assesses a person’s potential for unsafe behaviours using scientifically validated and legally defensible measures.

Report Highlights

  • Make selection decisions using a visual representation of candidates’ safety competencies.
  • Get detailed insights into each candidate’s safety-related strengths and shortcomings.
  • Start your new hires off with developmental recommendations based on their individual safety scores.

Prevent Accidents with Personality

When negligence on the job can lead to injury (or even death), safety is key to organisational success. But don’t count on safety training programmes for accident prevention — research has shown them to be inadequate. Instead, create a culture of safety by hiring for safety consciousness. With personality, you can find out if people are accident prone before they even have their first day.


Completion Time

10-15 minutes

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