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Optimal High Potential Leader Report

Powered by Hogan Assessments, the Optimal High Potential Leader Report is based on Optimal’s research on the key success factors of high performing and/or high potential talents/leaders, by accumulating hundreds of data points with an Asian focus. The outcome of the research is the Optimal High Potential Leader Model.

The model comprises five distinct domains with 21 competencies – Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Performance, Professional Credibility and Coachability. The model also measures 15 Counterproductive Behaviours which may pose challenges to positive behaviours, hence impacting sustainability of performance and potential over time.


Scores presented in terms of the likelihood of demonstrating behaviours, providing a quick snapshot of likely strengths and gaps.


Easy-to-read report based on competency descriptors, with well-defined positive and negative behaviours.


Highly customisable to suit your needs and requirements, for both selection and development.

To customise the standard report offering, you may request to apply the following add-on features:

    1. External benchmarking of scores based on Optimal’s high potential data points, specific to a country/region and/or industry/sector or
      internal benchmarking of scores
      based on your pool of nominated talents/leaders.
    2. Recommended development areas and tips
    3. The Optimal High Potential Leader Report can be effectively supported by customised development interventions from Optimal Academy’s Enhance Leadership series.

For organisations with their own competency models, Optimal can help to map and align Hogan Assessments to the competencies, and to design and develop a customised competency-based report.


Completion Time

30-45 minutes

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Find out how you can optimise your organisation’s leader-talent potentials.