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With 20 years of experience working with both off-the-shelf and custom-built 360-survey solutions, adopting different 360-survey approaches and catering to diverse client reporting requirements, Optimal has developed our very own 360-survey tool, designed to fulfil your 360-survey requirements.

optimal360 is an online survey tool that provides a secure, convenient and confidential way for individuals to self-assess as well as to give / receive feedback to / from others about their on-the-job skills and abilities.

With optimal360, you can choose to either conduct a 360-survey based on one of our well-researched competency models or customise the 360-survey according to your own competency model.

Why use optimal360

competency model

Select an off-the-shelf survey solution based on our well-researched competency models, or customise your own 360-survey based on your own competency model

mission critical

Personalise mission-critical competencies according to the target position – competencies that are identified as essential or critical for an individual to perform a job role

negative positive

Understand the individual’s likelihood to demonstrate each competency with not only positive behaviours, but also negative behaviours

Multi Rater

Introduce an enhanced survey experience for your raters: depending on their preferences, it is possible to rate ratees individually, by groups or all in one go


Compare current competency scores with past scores to track progress and/or with an internal benchmark to understaand one’s demonstrated behaviours relative to others


Enhance your organisation’s branding with customisable features: Welcome Message, Reminder Message, Organisation Logo on the survey platform and report

Knowing self will help transcend limitations, build on strengths and correct weaknesses, and hence, improve performance.

Suitable for all levels.
Customise your own 360 survey today.