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Predictor of Potential (POP 7.0)

The Predictor of Potential (POP 7.0) is a comprehensive approach to selection and development based on advanced statistical methods and over 30 years of professional coaching with top sales professionals and managers. POP 7.0 provides a holistic and objective assessment on critical sales competencies and non-negotiable traits of top sales professionals.

This normative psychometric tool helps your organisation to conduct better online recruiting, selection, succession planning and coaching. The POP 7.0 provides very useful information about the individual’s fit to a sales role. This result enables managers to select top performers, focus training on each individual and coach to the specific needs of the sales professional.

Role-fit is key to sales force success.
Leverage psychometric profiling to increase accuracy of a successful hire.

POP 7.0 Reports

The POP 7.0 reports provide sales managers with insights to select, develop and retain sales professionals. The reports come with Traffic Light Score Indicators which serve to simplify your decision-making process.

POP 7.0 for Managers offers the following features:

  • Overall suitability and probability of success in a sales role
  • Summary of scores and cautions in terms of personality traits, communication styles and attitudes
  • Snapshots of potential in sales and as a sales manager
  • Selection considerations and interview questions
  • Training and coaching suggestions, with retention prospects

Coaching Guide for Managers helps sales managers assist their sales professionals to build success habits in their sales careers. The coaching strategies are customised based on the sales professional’s personality traits and attitudes.

At the same time, sales professionals can benefit from two reports – Candidate Feedback Report and Self-Coaching Guide for Individuals – which provide an understanding of personal characteristics and how to leverage strengths.


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Coaching Guide for

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Self-Coaching Guide for

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